What Documents Can Be Used for a Right to Rent Check? A Comprehensive Guide

The Home Office has implemented controls on the right to rent in England with the aim of making it difficult for people to live and work illegally. Leases in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are not subject to right to rent controls. Certified Identity Service Providers (IDSPs) are third-party providers that comply with a government standard to carry out digital checks on the right to rent of British and Irish citizens holding a valid passport (including Irish passport cards). IDSPs offer convenient controls; however, not all agents will be able to offer checks for the right to rent through an IDSP (even for this restricted group) and whether this is an appropriate option for your lease will depend on several different factors. You can view a list of IDSPs on GOV.

UK. A person who is not an authorized tenant or occupant of the housing unit and who has obtained an order from a court in accordance with § 16.1-279.1 or subsection B of § 20-103 giving such person possession of the premises to the exclusion of one or more roommates or authorized occupants may provide a copy of such order to the landlord and submit a rental application to become a tenant of said housing unit within 10 days of the entry of such order. Once the tenant has provided their documents, they must check them to see if they are entitled to rent. Actual damages for breach of the rental agreement may include a rental claim that would have accumulated until the expiration of the term of the rental agreement or until a lease begins under a new rental agreement, whichever comes first, provided that nothing in this section diminishes the owner's obligation to mitigate actual damages for breach of the rental agreement. A rule or regulation adopted, modified, or provided to the tenant after they sign the rental agreement will be enforceable against them if they have been given reasonable notice of its adoption or change and does not constitute a substantial modification of their offer. Except as provided in subsection D, no rent that must be placed as collateral under this section will be disbursed within 10 days from the date of the judgment, unless the parties agree otherwise. If you review this document correctly, as described here and in the landlord's guide on verifying the right to rent, you will establish a continuing legal excuse against a civil penalty and will not need to perform any other verification of the right to rent, as long as the lease is not modified. For tenants who hold valid British or Irish passports, they can use the services of an identity service provider to check documents. If you don't have any restrictions on your right to stay in the UK (for example, if you're a British or Irish citizen or an EU citizen and have documents that prove your “resident status”), then the landlord or leasing agent won't need to do any other checks. If you review this document correctly, as described here and in the landlord's guide on testing the right to rent, you will establish an ongoing legal excuse against a civil penalty and you won't have to carry out any other verification of the right to rent, as long as the lease is not modified. If the rental agreement so provides and if a tenant, without reasonable justification, refuses to allow the landlord or managing agent to display the housing unit for sale or lease, then the landlord can recover damages, costs, and reasonable attorney fees against that tenant. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, when the tenant's failure to comply with their obligations under this chapter or the rental agreement involves or constitutes a criminal or intentional act that is not remediable and that represents a threat to health or safety, then the landlord may immediately terminate the rental agreement and proceed to obtain possession of the premises. If prepaid rent is received by the landlord, it must be placed in an escrow account in a federally insured deposit authorized to do business in Virginia by the end of the fifth business day following receipt and will remain in said account until it expires. The court may order that an amount equal to what it determines is equitable be reduced from any rent paid into an escrow account or directly paid to the landlord.

The owner, manager, or operator of such residential building may charge additional service charges including monthly billing fees, account opening fees, or account moving fees, provided that these charges are agreed between them and their tenant in their rental or lease agreement. However, as provided in § 55.1-1208, if any security deposit plus damage insurance premiums exceed two months' periodic rent then neither can be charged by landlords. In this article we will discuss what documents can be used for a right-to-rent check. We will look at what documents are accepted by Certified Identity Service Providers (IDSPs), what documents are accepted by landlords without IDSPs checks and what documents are accepted by tenants without restrictions on their right-to-stay in UK. We will also discuss how landlords can verify documents correctly and what happens if tenants fail to comply with their obligations under this chapter or rental agreement.

Finally we will look at how prepaid rents should be handled and what additional service charges landlords can charge tenants.

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