Understanding Exceptions for Rental Property Right to Rent Checks

When it comes to the right to rent check, there are certain types of rental properties that are exempt from the Fair Housing Act. These include religious organizations, private clubs, housing for the elderly, and single-family homes in which a broker does not participate in the sale or rental. However, even if your property is exempt from the Fair Housing Act, many state and local fair housing laws may still apply. If a tenant pays rent after the fifth day of a given month, landlords are entitled to charge a late fee as provided in the relevant chapter.

If a borrower is converting a primary residence into an investment property, they should refer to section B3-6-06 of the Qualifying the Impact of Other Real Estate by Real Estate Real Estate for guidance on how to use that rental income to qualify. If the borrower does not use any rental income for the property in question to qualify, then the gross monthly rent must be documented for the lender's reporting purposes only. If an appraisal or Form 1007 is not required for the transaction, then lenders can rely on a lease signed by the borrower or obtain a statement from them about the gross monthly rent being charged (or to be charged) for the property. Landlords may seek all of their remedies under the rental agreement and applicable laws and regulations, including filing an action for illegal detention pursuant to Articles 8,01-126 to obtain a pecuniary judgment and evict anyone residing in such a housing unit. If an applicant does not rent the unit for which their application was submitted, after depositing it, then landlords must reimburse them within 20 days of their failure to rent or rejection of their application for all sums that exceed their actual expenses and damages, along with a detailed list of such expenses and damages. Landlords, managers, or operators of residential buildings may charge tenants additional service charges, including monthly billing fees, account opening fees, or account moving fees, to cover their actual costs of administrative expenses and billing charged to them by third-party providers of such services.

This must be agreed between the residential building owner and tenant in their rental or lease agreement. If landlords intentionally violate this section, then courts will order them to return security deposits to tenants along with actual damages and reasonable attorney's fees unless tenants owe rent to them. In this case, courts will order an amount equal to security deposits be credited from rent due to rent owed. The term “key” refers to any physical or electronic mechanism used to access a rental housing unit. Landlords cannot recover or take possession of housing units by deliberately reducing services provided to tenants or interrupting essential services required by rental agreements unless such refusal is made in accordance with court orders of possession. If landlords require premiums be paid before leases start, then total amount of all security deposits, damage insurance premiums and renters insurance premiums must not exceed two months of periodic rent.

Policies should also require any applicant for employment in any position who has access to keys for each rental housing unit be subject to pre-employment criminal background checks. If tenants fail to pay future rents due under rental agreements into court's escrow accounts, then courts at request of landlords will issue judgments in favor of them and orders to possess premises. Tenants remain responsible for paying rent under rental agreements during any temporary transfers. Landlords must also notify tenants in writing that they have right to obtain renters insurance policies separate from landlord's policy. If courts find landlords intentionally violated this section, then they will order return of security deposit to tenant along with actual damages and reasonable attorney's fees unless tenant owes rent. In this case court will order amount equal to security deposit be credited from rent due to rent owed.

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